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I promise change.  I’ll show you how to easily incorporate fitness into your everyday life.  Simple, well executed exercises and effective physical therapy techniques will rapidly change your ability to successfully pursue your personal goals and dreams.  You’ll have the energy, flexibility and increased stamina to meet your challenges in life. 

I’m confident I can also help you change your body alignment and posture with simple techniques that will quickly eliminate life-long bad habits.  You’ll sit and walk with more energy and ease than ever before.  In just your first visit you’ll learn the skills that you can use every day to help energize your body.

There’s never a better time than now to get healthy for the rest of your life.

Ann's clients say...

"Ann Grassel is a Godsend! She is an amazing physical therapist. But, she is much more than she lets on. She is a postural analysis expert, a personal trainer, and an ergonomic evaluator. But really, she is a miracle healer in disguise!"
Feliz R
"I am now hitting my drives and long irons with a crispness and a lack of fade that I directly attribute to a heightened awareness of rotating from the pelvis and keeping my back straighter. Thank you Ann, golf is fun again!"
John C

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