BackJoy SitSmart Posture

Posture and Power:

The Dynamic Use of Your Body at Work and at Play

What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

  •  What you do all day, the way you sit has a huge impact on your core strength and your ability to play sports or perform activities of daily living without injury
  • We all have dysfunctional patterns in our bodies-some muscles overworking and some underworking. When we sit, stand and walk badly all day, we strengthen those dysfunctional patterns, unless we have a way to change these dysfunctional patterns and a way support the changes in our bodies
Ann Grassel PT - Sitting

Benefits of the BackJoy

  • Works instantly to modify any chair, car seat or airplane seat
  • Is a great, low cost solution to chair modification with a life time warranty
  • It allows the core muscles of the trunk to work all of the time you sit.  When your core is engaged, it supports the muscles in your arms and legs, making your entire body instantly stronger

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