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Question: Stretching Routine?

Mike W had a question:


"Because of my schedule I do not get the opportunity to stretch much prior to golf. What are your thoughts and do you have a good routine suggestion?"


Answer from Ann:


Hi Mike


Thanks for your question. Not having time to stretch or exercise is a big problem for many people, so what needs to happen is you have to be really efficient and effective when you do stretch. Most importantly, you will need to learn to maintain the new length in your muscles when you stretch. I tell my clients, it is great that you stretch (for 35-45 seconds) but if you spend the next 2 days with that muscle back in shortness, it is much less effective.


Every time you are on the phone, it is an opportunity to stretch. You just need to have a reminder (try a post it on your computer screen). To maintain the new length, you will need to look at your ergonomics. Does your computer set up, car seat, shoes, couch at home keep you slouched and in muscle shortness? When you stand, are you engaged in your core muscles or are you in a position with your knees locked, butt tucked and belly poochy? Learning a new stance is vital.


If you worked with me in person, you would learn to stretch specifically for the muscles that need to be stretched and then how to maintain the new length. Keep these tips in mind whenever you do stretch.



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