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"My handicap had gone from 10 to 19. I used to play play 145 rounds per year and was down to 30 rounds per year because golf had become a chore and exacerbated the pain I suffered.


Ann introduced me to movements that restored my smooth fluid golf swing and relieved the stress on the various muscle groups that I was irritatating.


After the first two sessions I noticed a marked difference in my swing and my golf scoring improved."


Craig P
Petaluma, California


"My title is a Class "A" PGA Golf Professional. You have helped me more than hours of expensive golf lessons. Mind body connection is so important and no matter how much you know if you can't use your body - what good is it?"


Don G

Alviso, California


Find your Confident,
True Golf Swing


Golf is a passion in my life as it is for millions of people.   As a Certified Titleist Golf Fitness Instructor and Sportsmedicine Physical Therapist, I’ve combined my knowledge of golf with my experience as a physical therapist to help my patients play better, longer, and find their Confident, True Golf Swing.



Through the power of optimized posture you will find YOUR True Golf Swing!


Ann Grassel PT Find your true golf swing!

I help golfers learn the secrets of how to “center” their posture and to swing with more power and efficiency. 


In just minutes, I’ll show you the secrets to optimized posture so that you have more energy, look better, stand taller, and have a significantly more "robust" golf swing.