My Story

I love being a Physical Therapist. It was the perfect career choice for me.

I was an athlete and always loved sports but I also had a great interest in the medical profession.  I volunteered and worked in hospitals in high school and in college and I wanted to find a career that combined both sports and medicine—Physical Therapy was the way.

I received a degree in Physiology from the University of Illinois and my Physical Therapy degree from Northwestern University School of Medicine in Chicago.  I have 41 years of experience working in Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Rehabilitation.  I am also a Titleist Certified Golf Fitness instructor. I was fortunate to have worked as a trainer/therapist at the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles.

I trained and worked in Vestibular rehab, doing balance training and Post-Concussion rehab.  I have done ergonomic evaluations and product recommendations for over 25 years.

I love the one-on-one contact I have with my patients. It gives me an opportunity to learn about their lives and how I can best assist them to become physically fit  so that they can achieve their goals and dreams. I am very skilled at what I do and continually update my skills to provide the best experience possible to my patients.

I always spend an hour with my patients.  (An hour and a half for Initial Evaluations). I feel a patient needs that amount of time to talk about what they have been doing and how they are progressing. Then my patients will have a treatment that will include hands on work and learning new exercise or movement skills.  This process takes time and it takes the skill of Physical Therapist. 

 I feel I make a great contribution to the quality of people’s lives.  I have had many people tell me that I have changed their lives (actually, I just show them how to change their lives).  It is always very moving for me.

I feel honored that I have the skill to help people.  We have often have so much pain and dysfunction in ours lives: physical, emotional, and spiritual.  If we can heal the physical dysfunction in our bodies, we often have new strength and resiliency to heal the other dysfunctions and be a force in this world.   I feel that this is my path as a Physical Therapist.

 I am an athlete myself. Having played most sports, one of my best skills is to instruct patients in the biomechanics of their sports activities, to break it down and to identify where the injury or possible re-injury could occur and to design an exercise program that allows the patient to return to the sport.

I have been a golfer since childhood, I did several years of century bike rides with the Leukemia/Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training program. I have backpacked all over the world and climbed several mountains including Mt. Whitney, Mt. Shasta and Mt. Kilimanjaro.  As well as golf, I currently hike, bike, work out, and swim.

As an older Physical Therapist myself, I find many older clients can relate to me in ways that motivate and support them to be able to fully recover and return to activities they love. 

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