“In my first consultation with her, which took 1.5 hours, I was sold! She did a detailed consultation together with a posture analysis. The physical therapists that I had seen in the past, only concentrated on focused areas, and with only temporary relief.

Over several months, I have continued to see Ann, learning how to move and walk correctly. I did my exercises, she created a unique gym program and she also came to my workplace and did a work ergonomic evaluation, so that I did not re-create the same symptoms again. Even my boss was hooked, he now has had a pain-free back since he followed Ann¹s recommendations, he¹s even started yoga and is jogging again.

Ann Grassel is a Godsend! An amazing physical therapist, but she is much more than she lets on. She is a postural analysis expert, a personal trainer, ergonomic evaluator, but really she is a miracle healer in disguise!

Filiz R

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