10 Minute Evaluation

If you’ve gotten into negative golf thoughts, lack of fitness, marginal health, and posture habits that seem too ingrained to ever reverse, then simply… “Stop”. I’ll show you how to stop doing it the wrong way and start doing it the right way. The techniques I teach are so simple and easy to use that you will see a remarkable difference just after your first visit.

There is a secret to really strong core muscles that I will teach you as part of the Golf Fitness Evaluation program. It is a skill that you will use all day, every day.

The golf swing is very complicated — it involves the use of muscles that we normally don’t use. The force of rotation that we create in the golf swing is comparable to that of a professional baseball player. Baseball players are trained and in shape to create that kind of force accurately, most golfers are not. As a result, many injuries can and do occur.

I tell my golf clients, if you sit at your computer all day, in a chair that allows you to slump, compress your trunk and have a head forward posture and then go out and try to hit a golf ball—you are pretty much in trouble.

Even if injury doesn’t occur, you are not going to have the kind of game that you are capable of having without proper postural and fitness training. Golf is a fascinating, frustrating, fun game. It’s a lot “funner” if you play it well. I can help you do that.

How is Ann’s approach different?

My “Custom Eyes” approach allows me to immediately see the deficits in the golf swing. It is one thing to identify the golf swing faults and physical limitations contributing to those faults. It is another thing altogether to have a way to immediately intervene with the physical patterns that are causing the faults. They say “it’s the little things in life that are important.” And this couldn’t be truer than in the game of golf. My eyes help you see what you’ve been missing.

Posture makes perfect

Most people have postural patterns where some of the muscles overwork (tightness in your upper shoulders and neck or in your low back, hamstring, and calf muscles) and other muscles don’t work at all (a flabby gut, rounded shoulders or a flat butt). If you do an exercise program, without intervening with this postural imbalance, you will tend to overwork the muscles that are already overworking and not work the muscles that are not working. So you end up strengthening your dysfunctional pattern.

“The reason the pro tells you to keep your head down is so you can’t see him laughing.” – Phyllis Diller

And after following your custom program you will continue to see changes. I’ll mentor you as you transition from your old “bad” habits to an entirely new way of being. Remember, it’s never too late to be great.

Optimize Your Swing Potential

Are you practicing the same swing over and over and “hoping” to make lasting improvements in your swing and your scores?  And you have that nagging voice in your head telling you that even your best practice swing just isn’t “IT”?  You know that you have the ability and you see how effortlessly the pros swing and you just can’t find the consistancy that you actually crave.

You’ve heard all the buzz words about swing improvements: weight shift, one-plane vs two-plane, turn in the barrell, weak grip vs strong grip, open stance, close stance, coming over-the-top, dipping, swaying, C-curve, keep your head still, etc., etc,…  But how often have you heard: soft ankles and knees, engage your core, breath tall, forward alignment, lengthen your abs?  This is truly a new way to think about your golf swing and your potential.

This is what Ann has to offer: a fun, enjoyable way to enable a golfer to finally find their Optimized Swing Potential through a fun and easy evaluation and re-education. 10-Minutes with Ann and you’ll discover there there is an easier way to swing the club and lower those scores and feel great about your game!

 – Ron R, a loyal Ann fan!

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