Posture and the Golf Swing

Improved Range of Motion and Rotational Power

Aligned, dynamic posture is essential for a great golf swing. When working with my golf clients, one of the first things that I assess is how they stand. The most common imbalance that I see is called the Lower Cross Pattern

The Problem

Posture – Before It is an imbalance of tight hip flexors and a tight lower back, with weakness in the lower abdominal muscles, the gluteal muscles and the chronic shortness in the hamstrings. When standing, their weight is on their heels, with tightness in the calf muscles, and often, with their knees locked. The hamstrings are short, the front of the hip is locked, the butt is tucked (I call this the flat butt syndrome). They also have an arched low back (swayback) and a flabby or protruding abdomen (often called the beer belly – sorry guys!). This is a very dangerous combination of muscle imbalances due to the excessive stress that it puts on the low back, especially during the golf swing with its forceful rotational movements. To correct the Lower Cross Syndrome, I teach the golfer how to stand in a dynamic, lengthened and aligned posture.

The Remedy

Posture – After Start by moving the right leg wider and turn the toes of both feet out slightly. Then move back to midline, where you feel your weight equally on both feet. Soften and bend your ankles, unlock your knees and lean forward from your hips (this will feel like you are squatting slightly and that your butt is sticking out a little). You can now feel that are in a more forward alignment and can use your abdominal muscles to lift your trunk. Lengthen the front abdominal muscles and then imagine a big rubber band around your waist. When you squeeze the rubber band, you can feel that the trunk lengthens equally front, back and on both sides. Then breathe into the upper ribs and lengthen the front of your neck. This will feel awkward at first so practice it for short periods of time in the beginning. Look in a mirror often to check your posture. In this new posture you will find you have more range of motion and can generate a lot of rotational power in your golf swing without risking injury.

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