Living our Life in Balance

In my 41 years as a Physical Therapist, I have worked with many people whose lives are out of balance.  These imbalances manifest in many aspects of their lives.  They feel overwhelmed and drained of energy.  They feel they can’t live up to all the demands in their lives, though they think they should be able to. They suffer emotionally, spiritually, and physically.  When they are in physical pain, they to come to me. What I have learned is: the body is the physical manifestation of our emotional and spiritual selves.  When we don’t pay attention to our body and what it needs, it tends to wreak havoc. Our low emotional tone is manifest as low physical tone and our low physical tone manifests as low emotional tone. People often complain of “having really bad posture” or “really weak abdominal muscles”.  They try hard to “sit up straight” thinking they should be able to, but this strategy is doomed to fail. They really don’t know how to have better posture and what they are doing doesn’t work. They need help. There is an old joke that goes:  If God had wanted us to be successful in this life, he would have given us better instructions. I feel this is why so many of us are having such a hard time with our bodies, nobody gave us good instructions on how to use it well.  Add to that most of our chairs, car seats, sofas, and shoes aren’t designed to give

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